Strange Crap On The Internet

When You Just Have To Stroke It

When you're in the dealership having your car serviced, it can get boring.  Apparently this Disney cast member who was in his local Nissan dealership decided getting his oil changed was the right time to polish the ol' dipstick.  

Hey, The Door Was Open....

So you're in your neighborhood walking by the neighbor's place.  For shits and giggles, you walk to the door and find out it's unlocked.  So you just walk right in, strip naked, and start eating pineapple.  Well, that's what this crazy woman did to her neighbor in St. Johns County.  

Strange Crap On Video!

Around about episode 37 or so, Brian and Joe were talking about a random idiot who asked the question "Didja know gas go boom?"  Well, we all know the answer but for some reason this winner missed the message.  Pay attention to the internet sensation who took matters into their own hands and prevented stupid from reigning supreme.