Strange Crap On The Internet

Terrible Parking Job

Just when you thought double parking was stupid, how about the two jackasses who decided it was a SUPERB idea to park in the police station parking lot in the Chief's spot and light up a left-handed cigarette?  Yeah, this is a real thing but it didn't happen here in Florida!

Traffic Painting For Personal Use

Traffic sucks, especially here in Jacksonville where there's an idiot for every accident per capita.  One Chinese guy decided enough was enough when it came to his morning commute and did a little Sherwin-Williams job on the roads that got him fined.  That took balls.

Oh Lord Jesus, Not ANOTHER Fire!

Reality shows are absolute crap.  We have no clue why people bother watching them.  Even worse, we have no idea why people would even consider attempting an audition for them, let alone burning down 3 blocks of a perfectly good city.  Find out what one nutjob trying to recreate "Forged In Fire" did to an upstate NY town that left the place ablaze.