This Week In Stupid

Make Yo' Neck Work

This poor man is already an internet sensation, but of course we took a shot at the best neck on the net.  Is he a Cardassian from Star Trek?  Is he Grimmace from the old McDonald's Happy Meal days?  Whoever (or whatever) he his, the gym where he works out needs to charge for advertising.  

Let's Play Punch-A-Bear!

Brian rarely pulls out a double callback, but when he does it's a deep cut for sure.  A North Carolina man was out in the yard raking leaves when he came nose-to-nose with a BEAR...and then punched it in the face! Yes, he lived to tell the story, but not before the mama bear went in for the bite and nearly took a chunk out of his ass. 

Previously Dropped Crap

Crocodile Cannon Ball

We've explained this before: Never go to an animal's house or you're gonna get eaten!  This particular winner decided it would be a GREAT idea to break into The Alligator Farm in St. Augustine and do a cannonball into the crocodile pond. And reports are true: he was wearing a pair of Crocs when he did it!

Aerial Dick Tricks

FlightRadar24 is a pretty cool resource if you're into flight patterns and just aviation in general.  One pilot who was definitely chasing down a dream decided to entertain the internet with the best dick trick ever.  His actual flight path was in the shape of a big ol' ding dong.  Bonus:  It happened in Florida!!