Hot Fresh and Stupid

Fake Money Failure

A Pasco County man was busted for paying his rent with counterfeit money...that he was copying from the local library! 

Ding! Your Piss Is Done

A Jacksonville convenience store owner has had enough with customers using the microwave and just leaving.  Read that sign a few times and you'll be as dumbfounded as we are.  

Can You Hold My Support Squirrel?

A woman attempting to travel out of Orlando International Airport forced airline staff and security to empty the plane she was on.  The crazy reason why?  Well, they don't allow emotional support squirrels on planes, sadly.  Poor Daisy, she's kinda cute when she's not freaking people out at 35,000 feet.

Last Week's Crap

Alpaca The Truck

Animal transport gone awry with the unwitting victims being...alpacas?  A man on a run down South to deliver some pet alpacas decided to outrun the law and ended up crashing and sending the alpacas on a chase of their own.  Pro tip: Don't speed on I-95, jackass!!

Image: CBS47/Action News Jax

Re-Reposession Gone Really Bad

It's rough thing getting your ride repo'd.  But don't make it worse by trying to re-repossess it!  A man trying to give the slip to the repo guy ended up in a world of trouble after he tried to make a getaway...with his pickup still attached to the tow truck. 

Image: Huffington Post