Very Special Friends

PlayLive Nation - Avenues Mall

The best social gaming experience in town! Brian and Joe are known to come play Jackbox Party Games here, there's so much more with comfy chairs, your favorite games, tournaments, parties and so much more!  Go visit Nate and his team of super stars at The Avenues Mall or call (904) 379-7342 to bring your gaming experience to a new level! 

Ascension, A Novel by J.L. Jackola

Long before she was born, Violissa's heart and soul were bound to Sinow  through prophecy. Their union will heal the wounds inflicted by generations of fighting between their realms and finally bring balance to the Light and Dark powers by which they rule. 

Ascension, a novel by author J.L. Jackola, now available on Amazon. Get your copy today!

Dirtbag Clothing

Did you know that Sonic Assault is a Dirtbag Clothing Endorsed radio show?  That's right! We're swinging with the big kids from Black Stone Cherry, Halestorm and Them Evils plus local and independent stars like Another Lost Year, Quor, Kirra, and Days To Come.  When we rise up together, we make big things happen.  Head over to and load up on gear to fuel your passion and wear it 'til it stinks!

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