Obligatory Back Story Stuff


How This All Got Started

The radio journey known as Sonic Assault started out as "The Klingon Invasion" on a little-known internet station in 2009 after some arm twisting from his gamer friends and colleagues.  Always wanting to explore his inner disc jockey and taking his in-game character name along for the ride, a young man set out to live his dream as a world famous broadcaster.

Ok, so the "world famous" part is a work-in-progress, but you get the idea.  Fast forward a few years later and here we are.

Our vision is to be "The Foundation of the Digital Radio Revolution" by returning radio to its glory days as the premier place to get news, information, entertainment, and insight into the world.  In an age where knowledge is available at the touch of a button or a click of the mouse, technology has taken traditional media outlets and rendered them close to obsolete.  As innovation forces change, we here at Sonic Assault will work diligently to stay ahead of the curve and provide cutting edge entertainment in this next phase of radio. 


The King of the Badasses

Brian is a native of the Sunshine State who grew up in the rich and underrated radio culture of Northeast Florida. A two-style martial artist in his spare time, Brian is the mastermind and engineer behind the show and the bane of Joe's existence due to his super power of meltdown induction.  

The Barefoot Wonder

The other half of the nonsense and a mean guitar player, "Shoeless" Joe is also an unwitting resident of Florida that met Brian in school.  When not locating ridiculous things for the show or otherwise on the floor writhing in laughter-induced pain, Joe is a student of Mad Cowford Improv and brings our special guests to the studio to join in the madness.