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Days To Come In Studio

This week on Episode #169 we have VERY special guests visiting from Albany, GA: Days To Come! Here's what you can look forward to this week on The Celebration of Nonsense:

 -Justin, Brandon and Jalen hang out with us for some laughs and discuss  what they have on the horizon. We'll also get the inside scoop on new  music and get personal about changes, obstacles, and their successes in 2018.

-Brian and Joe have the guys join in on Nice Things and Joe shares another chapter in "The Legend of Miss Zelda". 


-An awesome Sonic Spotlight featuring Days To Come acoustic! They'll  play some favorites and sneak in some surprises during Hour 3.  All  brought to you by Dirtbag Clothing.  

The awesome hits you all all week long on The Sonic Assault Radio Network.  Don't miss out on this exclusive look into YOUR local music scene!