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Episode #150

Summertime is underway!  The temperatures are high and so is the  ridiculous quotient on the 150th edition of Sonic Assault.  On the show  this week:

-Joe is back and our boy was quite ill due to the "punk funk"
-Shoeless Joe vs. Don't Care Bear: "The Meltdown Trap Vol. 1"
-It's vacation time and we're taking a break next week
-Miss Zelda the convenient store clerk strikes again!
-We'll spin a new single from Gold Frankincense & Myrrh, "Twisted Humanity"
-OSR: CCR with "Susie Q"
-Nice Things/Strange Crap:  Dancing FBI dolts and a Hot Can of Beans
-Sonic Spotlight presented by Dirtbag Clothing is Poetic Descent and their single "Close Encounter"

All of this and more starting Monday on Rock 98.9 and across the world on The Sonic Assault Radio Network!

Sonic Assault Meets Dread Music Review!

Special thanks to Bernard Cana, photographer from www.dreadmusicreview.com for letting us crash his camera at Welcome To Rockville.  Always a pleasure to hang out with our media friends and fellow fans!

This Week's Spotlight

Alternative rockers from Dayton, Ohio Poetic Descent have been on an aggressive radio airplay campaign and of course ended up on our radar.  They are this week's Sonic Spotlight, presented by Dirtbag Clothing and bring you a mix of the lyrical and melodic rock with a dose of in your face rock all at once.  Check out their EP Close Encounter and listen to the title track during Hour 3.

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