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Episode #147

Oh ho ho, general...It's a matter of ridiculous, indeed.

The second of our Artist Invasion series is here!  Join us starting tomorrow night at 6pm on Rock 98.9 as Jacksonville's own A Matter Of Honor joins us on Episode #147.  We'll talk about their music, upcoming shows Viking Power feat. A Matter Of Honor, Varanger, & Ghostwitch and The Memorial Day Meltdown and just point and laugh at the ridiculous!  Also on the show:

  • OSR this week is Genesis with "I Can't Dance".
  • AMOH chose our Sonic Spotlight presented by Dirtbag Clothing, Jacksonville metalheads AXIOM.
  • A double shot from Farewell to Fear's new album Voices.
  • Bonus Local music from Stayne Thee Angel.
  • Brian fires off yet another vocal impersonation and it leads to a magnificent meltdown!

See you tomorrow night, and all week long on the Sonic Assault Radio Network!

This Week's Invading artists

A Matter of Honor: One of Jacksonville's best kept secrets...but not any more! This very creative 4-piece takes hard rock on a creative joyride through art, theater and the deeper meaning of life leaving you banging your head and pondering your inner being at the same time. It's rock with a story; something that isn't uncharted territory in the genre but definitely has a new expression with this band.  Brian's take is that if Meka Nism and Auditory Armory made a rock baby, you'd have AMOH.  

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