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Episode #162

Is it just us or is summer NEVER going to end?  The dawg-dawg days of summer are still hot and so is our 162nd edition of Sonic Assault.  This week:

  • Shoeless Joe was out cold and slogged his way into the studio,  but not before Brian razzed on him and gave his commentary on OnyxFest and metal shows in general.
  • OSR: Salt-N-Pepa: "Shoop"
  • We caught up with Soultrap outside of 1904 Music Hall and found out the lowdown on our new friends from Atlanta. PLUS we'll spin their single "Overdrive" in Hour 2.
  • Best Fest X was great, but Brian was missing?! Not to worry, there's music from Howling Midnight to catch you up, also in Hour 2.
  • Nice Things/Strange Crap: "Close The Foreman Grill, So The Booger Sugar Don't Get On My Cookies."
  • Sonic Spotlight: Also the Dirtbag Clothing Spotlight for this month, Kirra from Oklahoma City and their single "My Disease".

All this plus great rock to bang your head to this week on The Sonic Assault Radio Network, sponsored by PlayLive Nation - Jacksonville, FL and by Author J.L. Jackola's new novel "Ascension", available on Amazon and in stores now!

The Sonic Spotlight

All the way from Oklahoma City comes fellow Dirtbags Kirra.  They've  been out and about and new music is on the horizon.  Joe hasn't heard them yet, but B.P. has had their music in rotation for some time now.  What will The Barefoot Wonder think? Find out in Hour 3. 

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